Why do I need this Service?

The brake system is the most important safety mechanism in your vehicle; it allows your vehicle to stop safely and dependably. 

A standard brake system is comprised of disc brakes in the front, and either disc or drum brakes in the rear.  The brakes are linked to each wheel and the master cylinder by a network of tubes and hoses that delivers the vital fluid that makes braking possible, brake fluid. 

It is essential to be proactive about your brake system, as worn or damaged components can lead to longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in emergency situations.  In addition, if brake fluid is not flushed, brakes can fail. Over time, brake fluid will accumulates high moisture levels, which prevents the fluid from performing its intended function.

When do I need this Service?

It is important to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for brake servicing.  The rule of thumb is to have your brakes inspected semi-annually, even if there is no apparent deficiency.

You should immediately have your brakes inspected if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • Squealing or grinding sound when you press the brake pedal

  • Brake pedal feels lower or harder than usual

  • Brake warning light illuminates

The professionals at Done-Rite Tire & Auto will perform a thorough inspection of your brake system to determine if performance improvements are required.

What is the cost of this Service?

Brake repairs vary in price depending on the repair required and the make/model of your vehicle.

The time required to perform a professional brake inspection will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.  If our inspection determines that repair or replacement is necessary, we will explain exactly what is required and will provide you with an estimate of time and cost before any work is performed.