Done-Rite Tire & Auto’s Team of Tire Professionals

Done-Rite Tire & Auto’s Team of Tire Professionals


Tires are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle as they are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the pavement. Even the most advanced braking systems and anti-lock brakes cannot work as designed if the tires cannot grip the road.

Here are some buying and maintenance tips to get the most life out of your tires:

1.  Perform a visual inspection to determine if you need new tires. Rotate your tires by turning your steering wheel fully to the right or left.  This will allow you to visually see the whole tread area. Look for poor tread wear, a cracked sidewall or bulges.  If your tires are more than five (5) years old, they should be professionally inspected and most likely replaced.

2. Buy tires to match your driving habits. Speak to a Tire Specialist at Done-Rite Tire & Auto to ensure you select a tire that is right for you and your vehicle.   

3. When replacing less than four tires, always replace them with a similar style of tire. Mismatched tires can cause awkward handling or pulling to one side due to the fact that all tires are made with different compounds, tread design and internal construction. It is ideal to replace all four tires at the same time.

4.  Consider how long you are going to keep your vehicle. If you plan to keep your vehicle for several years, you may want to consider investing in a tire with longer tread wear. It may be more expensive upfront, but it will provide better value in the long run. In addition, a tire with a higher tread wear rating will likely improve your gas mileage due to lower rolling resistance.

5.  When you are shopping for new tires, make sure you consider all of the services associated with the purchase. Many tire retailers do not include mounting, balancing, valve stem replacement or installation in their quoted price. Done-Rite Tire & Auto does include installation fees in their tire quotes, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you are shopping the market.

6.  Allow approximately 800 kilometres of break-in time for new tires. A lubricant used in the manufacturing process can leave a residue on the tread of new tires that may cause the tires to grip less initially. It is best to try to avoid hard cornering or quick breaking within the first 800 kilometers.

7. Always keep your tires properly inflated. Improper inflation can cause uneven tread wear, shorten lifespan and decrease your vehicle’s responsiveness. Check the door jam for the tag (typically white in colour) containing the manufacturer’s recommendation. Use a good quality tire gauge and check your tires when they are cold for the most accurate reading.

8. Use nitrogen to fill your tires.  Nitrogen helps to maintain a more uniform pressure for a longer period of time, and will extend the life of your tire. It is acceptable to mix air and nitrogen if you need to add a few pounds in a hurry. The Tire Professionals at Done-Rite Tire & Auto will perform an air “purge” the next time your vehicle is scheduled for maintenance.  A “purge” will remove the air from the tire and replace it with nitrogen.

9. Rotate and balance your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.  The rule of thumb is to rotate your tires semi-annually.  Tire balancing should be performed immediately if you feel a shake or shimmy while driving your vehicle.

10. Maintain proper wheel alignment. Alignment refers to how the wheels are positioned on the axle and is directly related to the vehicle’s suspension and steering. Alignment must be adjusted when tires are initially purchased and should be reviewed semi-annually thereafter.  Tires that are out of alignment will wear prematurely and will have poor performance.

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service


For those of you who do not feel confident selecting tires on your own, we would be happy to schedule a tire consultation at a time that is convenient for you. Simply click on the button below and follow the prompts to schedule your free phone consultation. It’s a convenient way to talk to a Tire Professional without having to leave your house or office.