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Done-Rite Tire & Auto is pleased to provide Warranty and Roadside Assistance on all repair services.

We always endeavour to fix your vehicle right the first time, and 99% of the time we accomplish that goal, but sometimes extenuating circumstances can occur. In those rare instances, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

Done-Rite Tire & Auto will cover its workmanship on the following repairs for two (2) years or 40,000 KM:

• Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems

• Brake systems, cruise control systems, electrical systems

• Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems

• Emission control systems

• Engine cooling systems

• Engine performance or drive-ability services and repair

• Ignition systems, starting and charging systems

• CV axles and joints, half-shafts and drive shafts

• Exhaust systems, fuel systems

• Steering/suspension systems

• Wheel bearings

• Other minor repairs

If you are within 40 kilometers of our facility, give us a call and we will ensure your vehicle is prioritized. If you are not near our facility, simply call the North American toll-free number prior to any warranty repair work being completed. You are covered anywhere you travel in North America.

Toll Free: 1-866-622-1148
Mon to Fri: 7:30am to 5:30pm 
Sat: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Toll Free: 1-855-246-6003
Mon to Fri: 8:00am to 8:00pm
Sat: 8:00am to 5:30pm


In addition to an excellent warranty program, all repair work performed at Done-Rite Tire & Auto will provide you with automatic enrollment in ToYourRescue* 24-Hour Roadside Assistance. 
The program begins on the date identified on your invoice and continues for twenty-four (24) months from that date. 

Benefits include reimbursement of two (2) claims per twelve (12) month period for roadside assistance service, up to $75 per covered vehicle, anywhere in North America.

Services covered include:

• Towing

• Lock-out assistance

• Flat tire assistance

• Battery jump-start

• Emergency gasoline, and where permitted, oil, fluid and water delivery

CALL 1-855-246-6003 TOLL FREE, 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK

*The ToYourRescue Program covers emergencies and is not intended to be a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance or repair. The driver of the Covered Vehicle must be with the Covered Vehicle when the service provider arrives.